The all-weather, multi-sensor flagship Zenmuse H30T integrates five major modules —a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, an infrared thermal camera, a laser range finder, and an NIR auxiliary light.

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The DJI Zenmuse H30T is the newest addition to DJI’s collection of hybrid sensor payloads, and is an upgrade to the H20 Series. It features wide and zoom cameras – both with night-scene mode – an NIR auxiliary light, laser rangefinder, and a powerful thermal sensor with a temperature range between -20°C and 1600°C.


The H30T is a combination of the H20T and H20N – brought together in one payload – and includes three unique thermal camera modules:

Live View Mode – ideal for law enforcement and wildlife monitoring

High-Gain Mode – ideal for inspections

Low-Gain Mode – ideal for fire monitoring missions

Vast Colour Palette: Capture 10 types of colour palette settings, including – White Hot/Black Hot/Lava/Tint/Iron Red/Rainbow1 /Rainbow 2/Medical/Arctic/Fulgurite

Temperature Alerts: The H30T will alert you when the temperature exceeds the threshold, allowing you to monitor temperature changes in real time

Integrated Payload For Mission Versatility: Features zoom and wide angle cameras, thermal sensor, laser rangefinder, and night vision capabilities. It combines the H20T and H20N in one payload.

Improve Your Temperature Range: The new IR Density Filter accessory, once installed, greatly enhances the thermal temperature measurement range by using the material’s light absorption and reflection properties, shaped into a lens, to reduce light intensity.

DJI Thermal Analysis Tool 3.0: Infrared photos can be imported for temperature measurement, with batch parameter adjustments and exportable analysis reports

Improved Zoom Camera: 1/1.8-inch CMOS sensor, effective pixels 40MP; 400x digital zoom and 34x optical zoom; Supports night scene mode.

Wide Angle Camera: 1/1.3-inch CMOS, effective pixels 48MP; 24mm equivalent focal length; Supports night scene mode.

Infrared Thermal Sensor: Photo resolution of 1280 x 1024 – improved by 4x. 32x maximum digital zoom. Supports zoom and infrared and a simultaneous split-screen display.

Laser Rangefinder: Up to 3,000m measurement range. High accuracy.

NIR Auxiliary Light: Better auxiliary illumination for zoom camera.

Smart Modes: Video foreground stabilisation, electronic dehazing, Smart Track, AI Spot Check, FlightHub 2 sychronisation, and data security.

Weather Resistant: H30T is IP54 rated.

Compatibility: H30T is compatible with the DJI M350 RTK, and the M300 RTK when used with DJI RC Plus.