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We’ve been renting consumer and prosumer drones and gimbals to production companies and drone operators for the past ten years. We place a high emphasis on the positive relationships we’ve established with our clients, and we’re eager to establish new ones.

We’re one of the few places in New Zealand where you can rent Mavic 3’s, Mavic 3 Cine’s and DJI FPV Drones. We also rent a fleet of Inspire 2 drones with Cine DNG, Cine RAW and Apple Pro Res, as well as most drone batteries, lenses and accessories.

We accept drone rentals as short as a day, and offer competitive and affordable long-term drone hire rates. 

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Why Rent?

Drone hire offers a number of advantages, such as lower upfront costs, more adaptability and dynamic scalability, and the chance to trial before you buy. Find out how the drone rental service from Drone Depot might benefit you.

Renting eliminates the risks involved with buying, such as being left with outdated or unnecessary equipment, and allows you to obtain aircraft on a temporary basis for a substantially lower initial cost.

Additionally, hiring drones gives you a lot of freedom because you can use the technology as needed and dynamically scale your fleet in response to demand or to fulfill a particular purpose. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to trial before you buy and allows you to always fly with the most up-to-date equipment.

inspire 2 rental

Our rental packages, which are available for hiring in daily slots, are designed to give you the resources you need to make the most of your rental period. You can choose optional accessories to further customise your hire package.

The drone depot rental service extends beyond drones: Our catalogue includes gimbals, lenses, batteries, base stations, generators and other equipment to provide a fully-rounded hire solution.

Mavic 2 enterprise advanced rental

The cost of renting a drone vs. buying one

Drones are incredible tools, as are the payloads they carry.
Renting offers a less expensive and more economical way to obtain the technology, significantly lowering the upfront cost.

Take our Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced rental package from for example. Comparing the $10,299 retail price of the bundle, a weekly hire begins at $1100. This means that you can rent the drone for 10 weeks for less than the cost of buying it altogether.

This is a particularly alluring incentive for drone operators who seldom use their drones, only use them for custom missions, or for those who wish to try the tools out before committing to a purchase.

Above is just an example of our rental prices, check out our entire rental fleet here

Access The Latest Technology

Let’s face it, technology moves fast.

Renting is a very adaptable choice. It not only enables you to have the kit only when necessary, but it also ensures that you constantly have access to the newest technological innovations.

Wether you fly commercially or for leisure, you can take advantage of the most recent drone models with improved camera specs and flight safety systems and gain a competitive edge for your drone operations.

air 2s rental

The Air 2S, for example, was released just a year after the Mavic Air 2, with insanely superior specs. If you’d bought the Air 2, you might be feeling a bit annoyed that your investment has been trumped just a year later by a newer, better model, and be reluctant to buy the newest model because of your previous experience. Renting takes away this connundrum.

Try before you buy

You can try the drone before opting to make a purchase, which is one of the main benefits of renting.

Renting a drone will allow you to get a feel for which one best matches your needs. No amount of research can replace hands-on experience with a drone.

mini 3 rental try before you buy

The industry you work in can profit from drones in a variety of ways.

Trying the drone before you buy it will enable you to weigh the pros and cons of each aircraft to choose which is the best fit.

Before you make an investment, you are going to be confident that you have chosen the optimal drone for you or your business.

Don't worry about repairs

Even the most experienced drone pilots make mistakes from time to time.

If you rent from Drone Depot, you can have the repairs done in our own repair centre.

By doing this, you can be certain that you won’t need to worry about scheduling a repair or risk having a broken drone sit on your shelf for weeks.

The drone you rent will determine the excess for damaged equipment. Please refer to the rental Terms and Conditions.

In addition, our tech team constantly services each rental item to make sure it has the latest firmware. This saves you the trouble and lessens the dangers and difficulties of flying without the most recent firmware.

DJI Drone Repair New Zealand

What Drones Are Available For Hire?

Drone Depot’s rental offering covers most of the DJI ecosystem of drones, as well as batteries, controllers, and other accessories, plus Drone Generators, lenses and more!

We are the only place in New Zealand that rents out the DJI FPV!

fpv drone rental

What do I need to rent a drone?

Our rental service is hassle free, and only takes a few minutes. Below are our requirements:

Photo ID / NZ Proof of Address (with exceptions to overseas crews)

Reading over and accepting our Rental Terms and Conditions.

A small delivery fee if shipping is required.

Insurance info (if you do not have or want to insure your drone, get in touch with us about our insurance options)

Drone Depot Rental Summary

Hiring a drone could make a lot of sense depending on your situation.

Not that owning one is a bad idea; in fact, for some operators, both commercial and recreational, buying an aircraft altogether is a smart choice.

However, renting a drone offers a different choice that, for some, may be more cost-effective and lower the risks associated with ownership.

Visit our drone rental page or get in touch with us for more information.

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