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SkyClip Drone Fishing Release

Use your favorite Drone with a SkyClip professional Bait release. By using innovative Maximum Tension Setting release technology (MTS), SkyClip releases your bait/lure automatically when a fish strikes or manually by applying Tension, without the need to adjust any setting on your release, making drone fishing easy and safe for the novice or the professional Fisherman.

SKYCLIP Mechanical Fishing Release For Mavic AIR 2S
SKYCLIP Mechanical Fishing Release For Mavic AIR 2S
SkyClip Commander Installation Guide
SkyClip Mechanical Installation Guide

SKYCLIP Commander Hybrid release


Welcome to the fastest growing and exciting Hobby of Drone Fishing. We hope you enjoy using our range of High Performance Bait Release Products which will help you in your Drone Fishing Adventures. We strive to keep your Drone Safe above all while you can focus on fishing and capturing Predator fish without stressing about losing your Drone, so please read the following instructions carefully.


Before using your new Commander Release please make sure to charge it first with the supplied micro usb cable with any 5V power supply.
Before installing your Commander release you must program Fn, C1 or C2 AUX Buttons to be able to switch either ON or OFF the landing or navigation lights depending on the drone model by pressing Fn, C1 or C2 from your controller. The Fn, C1 and C2 buttons can be customized to perform a variety of tasks listed in the drop down menu in Settings on you DJI App. These are usually found in the "buttom customization" settings. Please read the Drone’s user manual or get in touch with us about how to do this.

Attach your SkyClip Commander onto the Drone belly or landing legs, depending on the drone and strap on the O-rings to lock it in place. For mavic 1 Commander and phantoms please also attach the external optical sensor to the navigation light of the Drone arm.


Press Fn, C1 or C2 to activate the landing lights The Commander will immediately go to the release position. Insert the DROP LOOP line in the ball slot of the Bait release as it will be loose in the open position. Please make sure to use (50lb) 0.70mm Drop loop line diameter from 50cm to 3m length. Press Fn, C1,C2 to turn off the bottom light and release will de-activate and the ball gap will close therefore holding your drop loop line in the gap firmly.

Take-off the Drone and reach a defined safety height of 20 meters above sea level after having baited the hooks. Do not forget to OPEN the bail arm of your reel or loosen the drag on an overhead reel before flying out your baits.

Fly the Drone out over the water at a medium speed and make sure that your line does not touch the water during the flight.(Keep the line taught during flight - hold it in your hand lightly and let it slide through your fingers for better control) especially when its windy.
Once you reach the drop zone that you want to release your bait, press Fn, C1,C2 to activate the bottom landing light therefore the Commander will open and will release your baits, or you can also release by Tension - just close the bail arm of your reel, or brake the reel unwinding with your hand so that the line stops unreeling but DO NOT slow down the drone and keep the speed constant so the line will release automatically. Finally bring back the Drone to Shore. Always follow the same procedures.
All SkyClips feature our tried and proven MTS Technology which means that if your line on reel snags or if you attach heavier baits than specified, it will release automatically while flying to the drop zone, ensuring the safety of your Drone at all times.
In order to be entitled to the 2 year warranty and enjoy your product for many years to come, you must follow these maintenance guidelines ALWAYS.
All SkyClip release mechanisms are made from marine grade Stainless Steel and will not rust or corrode and are expected to last for many years, but this does not mean that maintenance is not required.

As with any equipment which is often exposed to salt water environments it is mandatory after every fishing trip and before storing the SkyClip to wipe off the ball slot mechanism with a moist cloth rinsed in freshwater and make sure it is dry. You can then lubricate the ball slot with a small quantity of anti-corrosion spray or a fine machine oil for added protection and smooth release action.

If these procedures are not followed the Stainless Steel parts might react with the salt water left on the mechanism and form a thin film and degrade release precision which has been calibrated from the factory, and furthermore void your warranty caused by prolonged exposure to salt water environments.


PRODUCT WARRANTY 2 YEARS on Mechanical and Electronic parts.

Battery is EXCLUDED from 2 year Warranty.

Manufactured in Europe by UAV Electronics

All SkyClip products are used entirely at the end users own risk. UAV Electronics and its Distributors take no responsibility for any loss of property or injuries sustained by any person/s whilst using any of our SkyClip Products. Every precaution has been taken to ensure that the products are safe to use and will not interfere with your drone, but user handling is out of our control and we cannot take any responsibility whatsoever.

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