Floating Stick for Action Cameras

$19.00 Inc. GST

Dive into the action without worrying about your camera taking an unexpected plunge with our Floating Stick for Cameras. Crafted from durable PVC and EVA materials, this buoyant accessory ensures your action camera stays afloat, capturing every splash, jump, or dive with ease.

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Floating Stick for Action Cameras
Floating Stick for Action Cameras $19.00 Inc. GST
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At a lightweight 85g, our Floating Stick is your perfect aquatic companion, providing stability without weighing you down. The 3.5cm diameter and 18cm length make it compact and easy to handle, giving you the flexibility to capture dynamic underwater shots or adventurous water sports moments.

Whether you’re snorkeling, surfing, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, the Floating Stick keeps your camera safely above water, ready to document your aquatic escapades. Trust in its reliability and focus on creating unforgettable memories without the fear of losing your valuable equipment.

Upgrade your water adventures with the Floating Stick for Cameras—a must-have for any action camera enthusiast who wants to make a splash with their footage.