DJI Matrice 600 Pro
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DJI Matrice 600 Pro

$9,499.00 Inc. GST

  • A3 Pro Flight Controller, Superlative Performance.
  • Complete Integration, Ultra Convenient
  • Charge Six Batteries Simultaneously
  • Aerial Imaging Solution
  • Extended Flight Time and Transmission Range
  • Professional HD Transmission

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Whats in the box

  • Aircraft Body (With Arm Sleeves) x 1
  • Landing Gear Leg x 2
  • Landing Skid x 2
  • Spring x 2
  • Remote Controller x 1
  • Intelligent Flight Batter (TB47S) x 6
  • Hex Charger x 1
  • Inner Foam Case x 1
  • Power Cable x 1
  • RC Charging Cable x 2
  • Micro USB Cable x 1
  • Knob (With Gasket) x 6
  • Tape
  • Battery Stickers
  • Screws
    • M3x5.5, M3x8
    • M3x8 (Thumb)
    • M3x12
  • Manuals

Both Matrice 600 models handle remarkably well for such large aircraft and certainly offer up a great example of DJI’s movement into the commercial market. Both the M600 and the M600 Pro are aimed at serious professionals involved with filmmaking and aerial photography, inspection work and other industrial applications.

Both models take six batteries, allowing for triple redundancy and increased safety in flight. These batteries guarantee a flight time of more than 30 minutes without a payload (the original promising 35 mins and the Pro 32 mins) and around 20 minutes with a payload (both 18 mins) allowing you to remain airborne long enough to capture an impressive amount of footage or photos. The Pro has made managing these six batteries even more simple with the addition of a new charging hub allowing you to simultaneously charge your Intelligent Flight Batteries and get back in the air even quicker.

DJI’s new M600 model comes with the A3 Pro as standard making it the equivalent of the fully kitted out original. Their first Matrice 600 came with the A3 flight controller with the option to upgrade to the Pro as an add-on, this gives the M600 Pro an edge over its predecessor as this system is automatically built into each aircraft.

There are also a few structural changes, with the body now an irregular hexagonal shape which differentiates it from the original Matrice 600. The antenna mounting position has also been shifted to one of the M600 Pro‘s arms and it offers three more CAN 1 Ports than the first generation.

Then there’s the gimbal and camera compatibility. Not much separates the two models as they are both able to carry a huge range of camera suppliers including REDs, HASSELBLADs and the Zenmuse range. In the optional additions for the M600 Pro, we’ve noticed that there’s a specific Z30 Zoom camera gimbal, more proof of DJI’s enterprise ambitions.