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Drone Depot Auckland can offer multiple levels of training close to their central Auckland location. 

With years of experience on DJI product, our team of expert pilots can offer training on all models of DJI drones. 

Basic Training – One on One (one hour = $95.00 + GST)

Drone Depot offer DJI basic training in Auckland. This session will be organised at a local park close to the Drone Depot Auckland Store.

Designed for beginners this training we will provide you with the basic knowledge needed to get you in the air safely. 
We appreciate there are a lot of new drone users and they feel like flying a drone is a foreign language, at Drone Depot we can get you off to a flying start and in no time you’ll be capturing the footage you always wanted to with full control over your drone, after the session you’ll feel more at home with the drone than ever before.

We will concentrate on the very important time of pre-takeoff, and basic flight controls. We will also discuss any local laws and rules.

Advanced Training

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, can put together any level of training to suit your drone and application.

Drone Training
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