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Parrot Pro

Parrot helps many industrial sectors develop with its wide product range of cutting-edge technology. With its expertise in aerial imagery and signal processing, Parrot is your everyday partner for apprehending your business activities and facilitating your decision-making processes.

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$ 2,479.00

Available to order Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal is a quadcopter that allows architects, builders, roofers and real estate agencies to safely carry out inspections with its 2 embedded cameras.

$ 7,599.00

The All-In-One Drone Solution for Precision Agriculture that will allow farmers to get insights on their crops from the sky.

$ 7,999.00

The multipurpose quadcopter solution for Agriculture.Parrot Bluegrass is equipped with a multispectral sensor, Parrot Sequoia. This small and light multispectral camera captures 4 spectral bands in visible light and non-visible infrared light to analyze the health of your crops.

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